Hershey Animated Poster

Assigned to create a moving add for a vertical screen, I chose to work with Hershey's as my client. The brief gave us a tagline to use "We All Need A Kiss". The "poster" animation duration needed to be 5 seconds and had to loop over the duration of 15 seconds.


Idea 1

In the first idea I pitched, there was an octopus that was to appear on the screen and blow a kiss to another octopus. The technique I wanted was like a vector minimalist using trim paths in After Effects.

Idea 2

In the second idea, a character being a constant on the screen. With subtle movements to indicate the character was living. Rigged with a motion sensors to detect a person coming, the chocolate character would blow a kiss.


FInal Pitch

What ended up comign out of my fnal critique was a combination of both style but eliminating the character entirly and making is more about the layout style.


COlor Variations