NBC Snapchat Takeover



NBC Universal


Vice President of Marketing at NBC Universal addressed curiosity in strengthening their already strong relationship with Millennials and the Z Generation.


Statistics showed NBC ranked at the top of broadcast channels for this specific demographic. Research also showed that younger generations consume entertainment the most through platforms enabling convenience–Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. These streaming platforms provide a stream of content without the marketing one would see when watching traditional broadcast channels. Surveying showed this convenience of content was the most appealing to this age group. Surveying also revealed that the demographics statistics for the broadcast viewing fell short when Millennials couldn't point back to NBC as being the show creator. This demographic led us to visualize our target as a tech loving teenager striving for attention while expecting convenience and control. Context meant traditional marketing wouldn't resonate with this demographic, which showed social media being the most digested format. Snapchat’s growth resonated most with Millennials with its unique UX offering. Snapchats unique UX enabled users to share their content outside of this platform and organically share it across various social media.


In order to create awareness we opted to strengthen the brand relationship through partnering with Snapchat. Creating a UX opportunity for show fans to immerse themselves in NBC’s content. This UX then creates an opportunity to share their personalized content with NBC for a chance of fame by NBC using the content within their broadcast marketing. Although brand placement is subtle within Snapchat's platform, attention is drove towards their broadcast channel to see which user achieved limelight. The modularity of this broadcast marketing allows NBC to increase engagement across all of their content. The closing portion of the marketing brings the attention full circle as viewers are invited to share more with Snapchat.

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