Sarasota Film Festival

The city of Sarasota has an annual Festival celebrating the art of film making. Each year they reach out to Ringling College of Art and Design to collaborate on their Opening Tag Reveal. For the year 2016, my partner Kaylyn Camacho and I were honored to have our piece chosen to represent the festival  and later was selected to win a Golden Addy.


Background Loop



Making  the Scenes


Cell Animation

Wanting to try to express Sarasota's Art community, we felt it was important to have some traditional animation in the peice. So we created a series of cell animation paint strokes that would weave in and out of the compositions.


Compositing & Texturing

We took a lot of photos around the city but we didn't want it to feel too scrapbooky. So we spent a lot of time treating the images with texture made with ink and acrylic paint.